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(10:10 am - 01.24.2004 - crazy in love. ha. - i feel )

once again...

i've been trying to catch up on past events in my real journal, so this one gets neglected. ok, so for anyone who's keeping track, jeanette finally said she was in love with me. we were laying in bed after a pretty long day and it was silent, just about to go to sleep and i just went for it. i said: "jeanette, i'm in love with you." and i turned away. after a few seconds which seemed like eons i finally heard: "liz, i'm in love with you." good god. it was nice. we're pretty in love with each other at the moment and it's a fantastic feeling. is all love fleeting though?

my birthday went... alright. jeanette bought me some concert dvds, a journal (it's awesome!), the hoobastank cd, a mini tarot card set and a bonsai (sp?) tree and a really nice card. she was planning on taking me to some really nice restaurant called stone mansion, but we slept instead. i was a little pissed, but i got over it. we tried going to the restaurant about a week later and we couldn't find it. instead we went and got her sister and went to quaker steak and lube. we're planning on going to stone mansion for valentines day, now that we know how to get to it.

what else? jeanette is in a little trouble with her friend kevin. she owes him $1000+. he ended up calling her stepmom to find out where she lives and he knocked on the door all goddamn night. no kidding. not just for like 10 minutes, but from 6pm till i answered the fucking door at 10pm. i told him jeanette wasn't home, but he didn't believe me. after i left for work he ended up calling her and came into the house and took jeanettes tv. but i thought of a plan to take care of it, so he shouldn't bother her that much anymore.

we have to get a new windshield for my moms car on monday. joy. i needed a new one so i could pass inspection... which is overdue... we already got pulled over too. fucking parts for saturns are insane. i hate this car, thank god i have jeanette to drive it and me around.

been smoking some shitty weed lately. it's all we can find. i think we're going to get some good stuff today. thank god. finally. hopefully we won't crash on the way there cause there is some snow on the road.

not much else to say. all i ever talk about is jeanette and that annoys everyone, so why even bother writing? i've had this thing too long to just ditch it though. i guess monthly updates are better than anything right?

5 updates away from entry #311... goodgoddamn took long enough!

anyhow..... take care all. i still think about my diaryland pals all the time.

don't forget to buy the new incubus album on the 3rd!! yeehaw.

<3 <3 <3 to all my homies. good lord, i'm fucked up.


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